Anonymous asked:

american horror story: i forgot my flag and saber at the school the last day so i havent been able to practice all summer and i was 2000 miles away from home + band camp is in 2 weeks god help what do i do

Dangg:( if you can’t get back to the school or borrow someone else’s equipment for a little bit then honestly there’s not too much you can do. I would say focus on perfecting the things that you can practice- things like dance technique. Also, before I got a flag I used to practice with a broom that was about the same size. It’s definitely not the same thing but it’s something. Do your best with what you got and just work three times as hard come band camp. Hope that helps:/


Things I Learned From Drum Corps


- Be a team player.
- Never give up, on anyone or anything.
- Stay focused.
- Just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean it’s not your problem.
- It’s okay to cry.
- Be comfortable with who you are.
- Speak up.
- Apologize first.
- Meditate.
- Don’t be patient; make a change.
- Fall in love with what you do every day.
And above all else:
- Keep breathing.